Session II: SIGCSE 2007 Faculty Posters

Friday, March 9 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Bulletin board number assignments in the poster area of the exhibit hall are in front of each poster title.
16 Using Games While Keeping Traditional Outcomes in CS1-3

Jessica D. Bayliss, Rochester Institute of Technology

21 A Mixed-Method Evaluation of the Impact of Tablet PCs and DyKnow Software on Student Learning

Dave Berque, DePauw University
Terri Bonebright, DePauw University
Joel Dart, DePauw University
Zach Koch, DePauw University
Shawn O'Banion DePauw University

14 A Bayesian Analysis of the Impact of Competitive Learning on Introductory Computer Science Students

William A. Booth, Baylor University

4 Assessing the Effects of Pair Programming on Individual Ability: Results from the First Year of a Two-Year Study

Grant Braught, Dickinson College
Tim Wahls, Dickinson College
Louiz Ziantz, Dickinson College

30 Revitalizing Computer Science Education by Teaching Digital Media as Science

Jennifer Burg, Wake Forest University

23 Quality-Based Assessment: Experiences in Computer Science Education

Suzanne W. Dietrich, Arizona State University

11 Student IMPACT: A Programming Contest Alternative

Mary Anne Egan, Siena College
Jim Matthews, Siena College

12 Using Blender and the Blender Gamekit with Python in CS2

Adrian German, Indiana University Bloomington

15 Teaching Alice in Hawaii: Cultural Perspectives

Judith L. Gersting, University of Hawaii at Hilo
H. Keith Edwards, University of Hawaii at Hilo

25 Multiple Intelligence Patterns and Performance in Freshman CS Courses

Lila Ghemri, Texas Southern University
Li Ma, Texas Southern University
Victor Mungai, Texas Southern University

7 Preliminary Results from a Study of Problems Encountered by Novice Pair Programmers

Brian F. Hanks, Fort Lewis College

18 Computer Science Unplugged ++

Peter B. Henderson, Butler University
Lynn Lambert, Christopher Newport University
Michael Fellows, The University of Newcastle

28 Development Environment for Teaching a Functional Programming Language

Brian T. Howard, DePauw University

8 Motivating and Teaching Computational Thinking to First Year Students

Seung-won Hwang, Pohang University of Science and Technology

17 Cooperative Learning in a Large-Enrollment Introductory (Literacy Level) Course

Debby Keen, University of Kentucky
Ryan McKenzie, University of Kentucky

9 Student Direction Interviews: Fighting Plagiarism in CS1 Courses

Brian Kokensparger, Creighton University

5 Academic Service Learning in the Introduction to Computer Science Core Course

Yana Kortsarts, Widener University

29 Textbooks for Computer Forensic Courses

Jigang Liu, Metropolitan State University
Larry Gottschalk, Metropolitan State University
Kuodi Jian, Metropolitan State University

10 Software Frameworks as Didactic Tool: An Example

Riccardo Massarelli, Istituto Tecnico Industriale

2 Teaching Visual Basic.NET Using Multimedia Content

Mike McMillan, Pulaski Technical College and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

24 Retaining Freshmen Interest in CS Using Collaborative Courses and Experiential Learning

Krish Narayanan, Eastern Michigan University
Joanne Caniglia, Eastern Michigan University

26 Students' Perceptions of Integrating Written Reflections into Continuous Assessment in CS

Arnold N. Pears, Uppsala University
Matt Daniels, Uppsala University

13 Web-Based Editable Java Tutorials

Axel T. Schreiner, Rochester Institute of Technology
Roxanne L. Canosa, Rochester Institute of Technology

27 Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students' Research Participation

Xueqing (Clare) Tang, Governors State University

22 Can Lego Robotics Really Boost Interest in Computer Science?

Carol Taylor, University of Idaho
Kosuke Imamura, Eastern Washington University

20 The Paradigm Shift from Procedural to Object-Oriented: A Case Study

Tamar Vilner, The Open University of Israel
Ela Zur, The Open University of Israel
Judith Gal-Ezer, The Open University of Israel

3 Speaking of Software: Case Studies in Software Communication

Charles Wallace, Michigan Technological University
Anne Mareck, Michigan Technological University
Thomas Vosecky, Michigan Technological University

6 A Novel Multidisciplinary Service Learning Program with a Computer Science Foundation

Thomas Way, Villanova University
Kallie Nordengren, Villanova University
Mary-Angela Papalaskari, Villanova University
Sue Metzger, Villanova University
Najib Nadi, Villanova University
Robert Styer, Villanova University
Melissa Corning, Villanova University
Adam Stepe, Villanova University

1 Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and the Software Design Life Cycle

Deborah Whitfield, Slippery Rock University
Patricia A. Joseph, Slippery Rock University

19 Clinical Interviews and Process-Tracing Methods in Computer Science Education Research

Timothy T. Yuen, The University of Texas at Austin