Session I: SIGCSE 2007 Faculty Posters

Friday, March 9 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Bulletin board number assignments in the poster area of the exhibit hall are in front of each poster title.
23 Self-Sorting Objects

Seth D. Bergmann, Rowan University

4 Experimental O/S Lab on a Dime

Dennis Brylow, Marquette University

9 Instructional Applets for Computer Architecture Concepts

Teresa W. Carrigan, Blackburn College
Daniel Steven IV, Blackburn College

22 Defense Against the Dark Arts: Using Computer Security to Teach Core Computer Science Concepts

Jack W. Davidson, University of Virginia
Clark L. Coleman, University of Virginia
Mark W. Bailey, Hamilton College
Jeff Zadeh, Virginia State University

20 CASE Tools for Cleanroom Software Engineering

Gabriel J. Ferrer, Hendrix College

27 Open Source for Homework: Real Projects, Peer Reviewed

Edward F. Gehringer, North Carolina State University

8 Educational Uses for VDE

Michael Goldweber, Xavier University
Renzo Davoli, Universitá di Bologna

13 Goal-Oriented Instruction of Computer Science Concepts - Demonstrated in the Logic Programming Paradigm

Bruria Haberman, The Weizmann Institute of Science

14 Creating an Open Certification Process

Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
Tim Coulter, Florida Institute of Technology

5 Bioinformatics Algorithms in Introductory Bioinformatics Interdisciplinary Course

Yana Kortsarts, Widener University
Robert W. Morris, Widener University

17 A Useful Case Study in Algorithmic Experimentation: Unexpected Timing Results for Heapsort

Gerald Kruse, Juniata College

10 Integrating BlackBerry Wireless Devices into Computer Programming and Literacy Courses

Qusay H. Mahmoud, University of Guelph
Allan Dyer, University of Guelph

2 Social Responsibility Meets the Capstone Course: The E711 or "I am OK" Phone Message Service

Victor Matos, Cleveland State University
Rebecca Grasser, Lakeland Community College

6 A Tool for Facilitating Students' Construction of Proofs

Hugh McGuire, Grand Valley State University

1 Computer Theory with Objects

Kirby McMaster, Weber State University
Nicole Anderson, Weber State University
Ronald Peterson, Weber State University

21 LittleFe + BCCD + CSERD = Acme; Computational Science Education on the Move

Charlie Peck, Earlham College
Paul Gray, University of Northern Iowa
David Joiner, Kean University
Tom Murphy, Contra Costa College
Alex Lemann, Earlham College
Kevin Hunter, Earlham College

11 JLS: A Pedagogically Targeted Logic Design and Simulation Tool

David A. Poplawski, Michigan Technological University

29 Tablet PC Programming in the Artificial Intelligence Curriculum

Jeffrey L. Popyack, Drexel University

25 Functional Video Programming: Computing with Time-Based Media and the Functional Paradigm

Samuel A. Rebelsky, Grinnell College
Ian Lunderskov, Grinnell College
Ian Young, Grinnell College
Luis Zuleta-Benavides, Grinnell College

3 Teaching GUI in Operating Systems Courses

Lior Shamir, Michigan Technological University

19 Using a Commodity GPU in an Undergraduate Parallel Computing Course

Joshua Steinhurst, Saint Mary's College of Maryland
Thorsten Scheuermann, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

15 Curriculum and Lab Renovations for Teaching Server-Based Computing

Lixin Tao, Pace University
Kai Qian, Southern Polytechnic State University
Xiang Fu, Georgia Southwestern State University
Jigang Liu, Metropolitan State University

7 Developing Security Checklists and Scorecards for CS Curriculum

Blair Taylor, Towson University
Shiva Azadegan, Towson University

18 Data Structures: "How Much is That?"

Christian Trefftz, Grand Valley State University
Greg Wolffe, Grand Valley State University

24 Integrating Cluster Computing into the Community College Computer Science Curriculum

Robert L. Tureman, Paul D. Camp Community College

28 Detecting Possible Software Plagiarism through Parse Tree Comparison

J. Patrick Van Metre, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Stephen H. Edwards, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

26 Performance Analysis Tools for Novice Programmers

Sharon Smith Weber, St. Edward's University
Dustin Young, St. Edward's University
Veronica Villa, St. Edward's University

12 A Study of Second Career Teachers - What Attracts Them and How Can You Keep Them?

Robert G. Willhoft, Roberts Wesleyan College

16 Does the Understanding of Time Complexity Lead to the Understanding of Space Complexity?

Ela Zur, The Open University of Israel
Tamar Vilner, The Open University of Israel