SIGCSE 2007: Workshop for Department Chairs

The Workshop for Department Chairs is an opportunity for all department chairs (experienced and inexperienced) to improve their ability to perform their duties. This day-long workshop will be held Wednesday, March 7, immediately before the SIGCSE Symposium begins. Three experienced former department chairs will serve as resources for the group as the participants explore ways that department chairs can do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Topics to be actively discussed and explored include recruiting techniques, mentoring methods, legal issues, management and leadership styles, effective communication, conflict resolution methods, setting of priorities, time management, creating and maintaining a department vision and mission, assessment, publicity issues, and maintaining a personal life while being department chair. The workshop will focus on those topics for which the participants have indicated the most interest.

Appropriate resource material will be provided to all participants. Workshop activities will help participants develop methods for improving their job performance. Participants (and leaders) will be encouraged to share their successes (and their mistakes) with the other participants. After the workshop the participants will be able to use some of the other workshop attendees as informal advisors.

The fee for this workshop is $95. Continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments during session breaks are included in this fee. For more information contact Frank Young (