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Important Dates

  • September 8:  Paper submission deadline
  • September 15:  Papers to reviewers
  • October 6:  Review deadline

How Do I Volunteer to Review?

All SIGCSE members are encouraged to participate in the reviewing process.

For New Reviewers

If you are interested in reviewing papers for SIGCSE 2007, you are invited to complete the Reviewer Information Form.

For Those Who Have Previously Reviewed

All people currently listed in the reviewer database will receive an e-mail message during August with their current recorded information.

  • If you would like to update the information in the database, go to the Reviewer Information Form by September 1, 2006.
  • If for some reason you do not want to continue as a reviewer, please send e-mail to using "Remove Reviewer from SIGCSE Database" as the message subject, and include your name, reviewer number, and password in the message body.

How Do I Review SIGCSE Submissions?

Submissions are reviewed according to categories indicated by the authors. Reviewers will be assigned up to four submissions based on their indicated subject areas of expertise. Up to four reviewers are assigned to each. Papers are only available in electronic PDF format. Reviewers must use a browser capable of displaying PDF documents.

Step 1: You will be sent a reference number and password for each submission assigned to you. Become familiar with the review criteria by looking at Sample Review Forms.

Step 2: Access your assigned submissions(s) through the Submission Viewing Form. You may review the submission on-line or print it for review at your leisure.

Step 3: After reviewing, complete a report for each submission.

Note: All reviews will be distributed anonymously to both the author(s) and reviewers of that submission. This will give the author feedback and provide information to reviewers as well. It is hoped that, over time, this feedback will help make the review process more consistent as reviewers can compare their responses to those of others.

Questions? Please contact:

J. D. Dougherty and Susan Rodger
SIGCSE 2007 Program Chairs and rodger AT