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Sanibel Island Sanibel Island is an island located on the Gulf coast of Florida, just offshore of Fort Myers. Sanibel is a barrier island - a collection of sand dividing the Gulf Stream from the mainland. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway and to a neighboring barrier island, Captiva Island, by a short bridge. The city of Sanibel incorporates the entire island, with most of the city proper at the east end of the island. Read more at: From the conference hotel, it is a leisurely walk on the beach or a bike ride to sites to see, things to do, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Conference Hotel The conference will be held at the Sundial Beach and Golf Resort, Middle Gulf Drive on the beach.

A block of rooms has been reserved at discounted rates.

All rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes, currently 17%. The group rates will be offered three days prior and after FLAIRS-22, subject to availability of rooms at the time of reservation. These rates are guaranteed until April 18th. To book please use Sundial Resort Booking System for FLAIRS-22 or phone the resort directly at 866-565-5093. Mention the group name "FLAIRS".

We are maintaining a list of people who are looking for someone to share a room with.

Flying into Fort Myers You can fly into Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). You can also fly into Miami Internationl Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, West Palm Beach Internationl Airport, or Tampa International Airport and rent a car and drive. The trip takes about 2.5 - 3 hours (about 150 miles) from these locations.

Getting to the Sundial A cab or shuttle from RSW to the Sundial will be about $56-60. This same price applies to up to three people, and includes the causeway toll over to Sanibel Island. Additional people in the same cab or shuttle after three are $5 to $10 per person. Several companies service the airport.

We are maintaining a list of people who are trying to share a ride to the Sundial Resort from RSW or the reverse..

Money and Banking Credit cards rule, and are accepted almost everywhere. Travellers cheques are almost as good as cash. Most banks are open on weekdays only, and the hours vary.

Gratuities (tipping!) Almost everyone expects a tip (but of course it's your choice). It is customary to tip 10%-20% in bars and restaurants. Some bars and restaurants will add an 18% tip onto your bill without even asking - you can change it if you really want to. Taxi drivers expect at least 10%, and valet parking is worth $2-$5.

Telephones Public telephones will take quarters, but if you plan to make many calls, especially long distance or international, it's better to buy a phone card. Dial 011 for international access, and 1 for long distance (out of the South Florida 305 prefix area).

Time Zones Southwest Florida is in the USA Eastern Standard Time zone, and during the conference daylight saving will be in effect. That means
°  6 hours ahead of Honolulu
°  3 hours ahead of San Francisco and Tijuana
°  The same time as Montreal and San Juan
°  4 hours behind Reykjavik
°  5 hours behind London
°  6 hours behind Warsaw
°  9 hours behind Islamabad
°  12 hours behind Perth and Singapore
°  15 hours behind Honiara and Vladivostok
°  18 hours behind Kiritimati

Safety on Sanibel Sanibel Island is a very safe, family friendly location. It is generally safe to walk alone at night, etc. In the very unlikely event that you get into a difficult situation, call 911 and help will come quickly.